Visiting Rhodes for the first time? You can make your adventures more exciting by renting a vehicle from a provider of car hire in Rhodes port. Start your exploration immediately as soon as you arrive, driving to different destinations on the island.

Are you planning your trip on the last minute? Don’t worry—finding a rent a car in Rhodes port is fast and simple. After all, rental companies now have their own websites where you can book a vehicle of your choice quickly and efficiently. Here’s a guide on how to proceed.

Search for providers online

Don’t book with the first car hire in Rhodes port that pops in the search results unless you have compared prices from different providers. To get the best deals, look for different car rental companies in Rhodes, analyzing their prices and package inclusions. If you are not comfortable paying for the entire reservation online, then find a provider that accepts payment upon arrival. This is a safer way to rent a car and avoid being scammed.

Pick a vehicle of your choice

Before making a reservation, check first if the car hire in Rhodes port can provide the type of vehicle your group needs. Look at their fleet to see all available vehicles. Driving a manual car when you are used to an automatic car can be a huge adjustment, so make sure to consider the type of transmission as well. If you are traveling with a big group, then it might be more practical to rent a van or a minibus.

Check the insurance situation

Never hire a car without getting insurance. This will be your protection in case you meet accidents and other road emergencies. Leading car rental companies include full insurance in their rental prices so you don’t have anything to worry about.

Book in advance

You are more likely to score huge discounts on your car rental if you book in advance. Try to search for providers at least two weeks before your arrival if possible.