It is not hard to rent a car in the island of Rhodes. It is not even hard to find the right vehicle depending upon your unique requirements or budget. For example, if you have a tight budget, then you may rent a small car that is ideal for four passengers through the Rhodes auto rentals. However, a larger automobile is suitable if you travel with more than four passengers. In this scenario, it is prudent to maintain a budget that suits your requirements. Therefore, it is not easy to rent a car that satisfies your requirements and budget. It is prudent to inquire about some important issues before hiring any car in the Island of Rhodes.

Enquiring about Insurance

It is important to inquire about the protection you are entitled to receive in the event of any accident or theft. Every tourist is supposed to purchase an insurance policy when renting a car.

  • It is mandatory for every car rental agency in Rhodes as well as Crete to include the ‘Fire and Third-Party Liability’ coverage into the insurance plan for all types of rental vehicles.
  • The ‘Theft Protection Coverage’ is an additional protection that you may or may not purchase when renting a car. However, it allows you to avoid unnecessary liabilities when vacationing.
  • The Collision Damage Waiver allows you to limit your responsibility if a rented car is damaged during the rental period.

It is prudent to learn about the protections available through a service-provider before renting any car.

Quantity of Fuel

It is important to check the amount of fuel before driving out of a rental car agency and before returning the automobile. You may check the recorded quantity of fuel to ensure that the recorded numbers match the actual quantity of fuel that is shown by the gauge of a car. It is equally important to inquire about a rental agency’s policy regarding the fuel that is present inside a car’s tank before driving out with a car and after returning a car.

Mileage Costs

The majority of the Rhodes auto rentals allow the clients to rent a car with unlimited mileage. However, some service providers may charge mileage costs for the rented out cars. Therefore, it is prudent to inquire about a rental agency’s policy regarding the mileage.