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Rent a car in Lindos Rhodes

Rent a car in Rhodes with RhodeCar and enjoy your travels around the traditional Lindos village

Our representative will bring you your rental car at Lindos, or meet you at your hotel reception. Our representative can also leave the rental car key at your hotel reception for you to pick up.

Lindos in Rhodes Island

Lindos is a traditional settlement on the island of Rhodes, 47 km from the capital city. Being one of the three ancient cities of the island, it boasts a rich history and marine tradition. It is located on the cape of Krana, with scenic routes, beautiful beaches, a gorgeous view of the south Aegean sea and the famous Lindos Acropolis.

Rent a car now with RhodeCar and enjoy your vacation in Lindos and around the island!

Car Hire in Lindos

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Car Rental in Lindos – Best Way to Explore the Greek Island

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LINDOS- An amalgamation of beauty and history!

Lindos, with its fine beaches and historical significance, is about 50 kilometers from the south of Rhodes city. This popular and very interesting tourist destination is shrouded with such history and mystery that there is an archeological site to dig up deep into the secrets of ancient times.

Interestingly, Lindos was one of the places founded by Dorians and one of the six Dorian cities of Dorian Hexapolis. So, what we have here is the ancient Greek and Roman history at its best – a dream site for a historically inclined person to enjoy! And, to make up for all the history, the place also has some beautiful beaches and wonderful landscape for the visitors.

Rent A Car in Lindos for a Hassle-free Trip!

You can travel to Lindos by renting a car from our large fleet of vehicles. Just tell us your time and destination, and your car will be delivered at the place on time. We take pride in giving the best to our guests, be it in the form of well-maintained cars or timely arrivals. No delays or discomfort, whatsoever!

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At RhodeCar, we deliver what we promise! We offer car services from airport and the Port of Rhodes. We can bring your rented vehicle directly to the port, or to your hotel to ensure you have a peaceful and hassle-free trip to Lindos!

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