It is now an accepted fact the world over that renting a car for tourism purposes is more comfortable and time-saving. Some car rental services are so good that they are famous the world over. Visitors mention the plus points of car renting services in the review section of the company. Word of mouth publicity also plays a very important role in publicizing a particular service provider. Some places too have become famous as the places where good car rentals are got and Rhodes port is one such place. It has become famous as rent a car Rhodes Port.

There are innumerable car rentals available in Rhodes Port. They have some perks which car rentals in other places do not have. They specialize in:

  • They work on the principle of customer satisfaction intending to provide excellent service to tourists.
  • You will find no dearth of rental car services with excellent quality service and competitive rates:
  • 24 hours road assistance free of charge.
  • Fleet is replenished regularly and new cars take the place of old cars.
  • All kinds of cars are available, ranging from economy cars to luxury ones.
  • They offer genuine advice to the customer about what place to be visited, taking into account the likes, dislikes budget and time available.
  • Cars are provided immediately on request.
  • Booking in advance does not require any extra payment.
  • The rates charged include insurance, taxes, and VAT d.
  • The choice of cars, minibuses, and vans is available.
  • Roadmaps of Rhode Island and surrounding areas are provided in all the cars.
  • Cars are well maintained and the beautiful upholstery is worth a mention.
  • No hidden costs.
  • If god forbid any accident or breakdown happens, then the vehicle is replaced immediately.
  • There are special discounts for long term rental.
  • The facility of the book now pay on arrival is provided.
  • Insurance is provided.
  • New safe vehicles.
  • Deliveries/Collections at the ports and airports.
  • Kilometers are no issue you can drive as much as you want.
  • No charge to be paid in case of delayed arrival
  • No charge for First Additional Driver.

With all these benefits and perks tourists normally opt to rent a car and find it to be better than tourist packages.