Faliraki is a seaside resort village on the east coast of the Greek Rhodes Island. It is known for its medieval architecture, long sandy beach, lively nightlife, and a laid-back Mediterranean vibes. If you want to experience the best of this destination, then the car rental service will provide significant assistance. 

Discover the panoramic beauty of Faliraki!

Faliraki is a well-developed seaside resort that offers its visitors many great things to do from snorkelling and diving to bungee jumping and golfing. The destination exhibits beautiful Faliraki Beach that you can explore in-depth. For instance, Anthony Quinn Bay is a fantastic public beach which is named after an actor, Anthony Quinn. The magnificence of the bay lies in the subjective view of the sea with the sound of the waves lapping the shoreline. If you look around the sandy seashore, you will see the occasional ferry or other boats passing by. Then there is Traganou beach, which is located 15km from the city of Rhodes. It is a stunning inlet with blue crystal deep waters. To make your trip an educational one, you can visit the Astronomy Cafe, which contains elegant apartments and observatory in the star garden. It offers a panoramic view, incredible experience, breath-taking night scenery, and a refreshing scenic location. Whether you visit Mandomata Nudist Beach, Saint Nectarios Church, or any other water amusement park in Faliraki, the place can be widely explored only if you rent a car.

Best way to reach Faliraki 

You can travel Faliraki from Rhodes by bus, car, or taxi. There is a direct bus plying to the village every 20 minutes and operating daily from Rhodes. The bus is generally rammed full, and it takes 30 minutes to reach the remote area. Whereas, a car or taxi is considered as the fastest option because it takes 12 minutes only to reach the city. To explore the grace of various iconic spots, you can rent a car Faliraki of your choices such as luxury cars, minibus, SUVs, brio, vans, and many more.

Faliraki serves as a significant destination with diverse cuisine, popular bars, peaceful atmosphere, and narrow backstreets. It has some family-friendly attractions of Faliraki that you can add to your vacation plans with customised car rentals. The luxury cars will keep you comfortable and cosy throughout the journey.